LinkedIn News: How to Use Your Social Media to Get Hired

Social media has not only become a place to share industry thoughts, inspire others, and build your community. You can also use it to land a job.

The way you construct your personal brand on LinkedIn, Twitter, TikTok, etc., can attract hiring managers and recruiters. Your accounts can also be their first look into who you are during the hiring process.

“When job searching, it is highly likely that the recruiter, the hiring manager, or even your future team, will Google you,” said Sarah Johnston, who is the founder of Briefcase Coach and an executive resume writer. “LinkedIn is typically one of the top 10 websites on the first page of a Google search result.

“So, it’s highly likely that if someone searches for you, they will find your LinkedIn page. You want to make sure that you are telling a professional story, the right story, that you want your audience to know about you.”

By Nora Diaz-Vasquez
Nora Diaz-Vasquez Career Counselor