Meet the Professionals: Internship Edition Event Recap

The recent “Meet the Professionals: Internship Edition” event, held on campus, was a great success. It served as a valuable platform for employers to engage with students and showcase their internship opportunities. Recognizing the significance of gaining hands-on experience before graduation, the event aimed to facilitate connections between students and employers, fostering space for career exploration and networking. 

A total of 160 students and 18 employers actively participated, creating an atmosphere helpful for building meaningful professional interactions. The event provided an opportunity for students to explore potential spring and summer internship positions while honing their networking skills. The enthusiasm and engagement of employers and students underlined the event’s impact.

Recruiter Jessica Savory, emphasizing the pivotal role of interns, remarked, “Interns are the future leaders of all our companies,” which underlines the belief in the power of internship experiences helping to shape the future workforce.

Representing the Fresno County District Attorney’s Office, Public Information Officer Taylor Long expressed their enthusiasm for the event, stating, “ We feel like this is a great opportunity to talk to students and potential graduates about the different opportunities there are within our department.” 

The event served as an outlet for employers to share the diverse range of internships they offered, shedding light on the array of possibilities within various industries.

Emphasizing the broader impact, Hipolito Cerro stated, “When we talk about investing in our youth, this is what we mean. It means providing them opportunities for career exploration, internships, and fellowships.” The event aligns with a broader vision of investing in the future workforce by offering avenues for career exploration and real-world experience. 

The “Meet the Professionals: Internship Edition” event not only achieved its primary goal of connecting students with internship opportunities, but also created a platform for meaningful conversation between students and employers. The success of the event highlights the Career Development Center’s commitment to preparing students for their professional journey.

By Abigail Phillips
Abigail Phillips Marketing & Communications Student Coordinator