12 Free Online Courses With Certificates to Boost Your Resume

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Raise your hand if you’ve ever missed out on an opportunity because of a skill you didn’t have. We can empathize with the feeling of joy at discovering a potential next job suddenly turning to frustration while reading the job requirements. There’s an easy solution to this: Spend a few hours a day on free online courses with certificates.

They’re easy to enroll in and to complete, and most are recorded so you can watch the video classes whenever it suits you. Plus, grabbing a free certification is one of the best and easiest ways to acquire new skills or knowledge when you’re unemployed and short on cash. Sounds good? Below, you’ll find 12 free certification courses online to consider.

Are free courses online with certificates worth it?

Don’t let the words “free” and “online” mislead you. Many free online courses offer valuable and substantial content for professional development. While they’ve been around for some time, they became more popular after the pandemic normalized remote work and learning from home.

“In my opinion, it’s always good to invest in your professional growth. And if it’s free, that’s cherry on top,” says Yolanda M. Owens, career coach and corporate recruiting specialist. “I just caution that you don’t view certifications (free or otherwise) as easier access to landing jobs. Anyone can get a certificate, but having one doesn’t automatically qualify you to be able to do a job.”

Once you’ve gained some knowledge from online courses, try putting it into practice—whether at work or in a personal project. This way, you can test what you’ve learned, see the results, and have more than just a certificate to showcase to recruiters.

12 free online courses with certificates

The options for free online courses are endless, so start your search by figuring out what you want to achieve. Are you looking to upskill yourself to get a new job or to grow in your current role? Are you aiming to stay in the same industry or pivot to a new career?

We’ve compiled 12 free online certification courses for different industries and professional goals:

Marketing certifications

The marketing industry is in constant evolution with new technologies and trends arising at a fast pace. If you already work in marketing or are looking forward to getting into this industry, it’s essential to learn the fundamentals while keeping up with what’s new.

1. HubSpot Digital Marketing Course

In this HubSpot free certification course, you’ll delve into the essentials of digital marketing. It’s recommended for marketing professionals, business owners, or anyone keen on getting a marketing certification.

The course includes nine lessons and 11 quizzes, totalizing 5:25 hours of content. The lessons cover digital marketing strategies, website optimization for both search engines and users, social media content creation, and strategies to build a strong online presence.

2. Google Ads Certifications

Google Ads stands as one of the paramount marketing tools for business. Its primary role is to boost business visibility, raise brand awareness, and drive product sales. With the Google Ads Certification, you can learn directly from the creators themselves.

The course comprises over 25 hours of content across nine videos, covering fundamental areas of Ads:

  1. Google Ads – Measurement
  2. AI-Powered Performance Ads
  3. Google Ads Creative
  4. Grow Offline Sales
  5. Google Ads Search
  6. Google Ads Display
  7. AI-Powered Shopping ads
  8. Google Ads Video
  9. Google Ads Apps

You have the option to fully immerse yourself in the Google Ads realm and get all certifications, or just pick the ones that align with your goals and professional objectives.

3. HubSpot Inbound Marketing Certification

Today’s marketing is all about meeting the customer’s needs and crafting valuable experiences. That’s precisely what the HubSpot Inbound Marketing Certification will teach you. This certification includes lessons on how to create relevant content that generates leads and customers, and how to optimize your marketing strategy with AI.

HubSpot recommends this course for marketing managers and inbound professionals looking to level up their marketing game.

Technology certifications

Considering a career in tech? You might be heading in the right direction. “Technology is by far the field most welcoming of online certifications,” Owens says. “Simply because of the rapid advances in technology and the need for tech professionals to stay relevant in the industry.”

4. Introduction to Artificial Intelligence (AI)

It’s becoming clear that AI is here to stay and will change how we work, communicate, create, and consume information. That’s why AI related skills are among the high-income skills to learn right now. The Great Learning Introduction to Artificial Intelligence course covers the fundamentals of AI, computer vision, and neural networks for beginners.

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5. freeCodeCamp Coding Certifications

Programmers and developers are also in high demand in the technology sector. Whether you’re looking to enter this field or make a career pivot, the freeCodeCamp’s free certification online courses can help you reach your goals.

The platform offers beginner-level certifications in popular coding languages, such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Python. There are also opportunities to practice your new skills by contributing to open-source non-profit projects.

6. DataCamp Data Engineering Certifications

With courses taught by professionals from companies like Microsoft and Duolingo, DataCamp offers a complete learning trail in Data Engineering, covering beginner to advanced levels. The classes include:

  1. Understanding Data Engineering
  2. Understanding Cloud Computing
  3. Introduction to Relational Database in SQL
  4. Intermediated SQL
  5. Database design, and more

In addition to the online courses, the platform also features a blog with data engineering tips, cheat sheets for download, tutorials, and webinars.

7. CS50’s Introduction to Computer Science

Harvard’s CS50’s Introduction to Computer Science is a 12 week self-paced online course that offers an introduction to computer science and programming. The coursework includes:

  • How to think algorithmically
  • Programming languages like C, Python, SQL, and JavaScript
  • Developing and presenting a final programming project
  • Data structures, encapsulation, resource management, and more

Green skills certifications

As companies strive to adopt more sustainable practices due to climate change, professionals— at least the ones who want to stay ahead of the curve—need to develop green skills and embrace a sustainable mindset. Here are two free courses online with certificate in sustainability:

8. Coursera’s Corporate Sustainability

This free online course delves into the macro and microeconomic consequences of climate change. You’ll learn to evaluate sustainability challenges within organizations, strategies for transitioning to more sustainable practices, and why corporate sustainability is now fundamental to a company’s success.

9. INCO Academy Green Digital Skills Certificate Program

This 100% online and self-paced course is a four-module certification program. The regular coursework covers:

  1. Foundations of Sustainability in Tech
  2. Green Design Principles & Practices
  3. Your Journey to Green & Greening Careers

At the end of the first three modules, you’ll choose one elective module. Each option focuses on different industries, so you can pick the one that best aligns with your profession:

  • Carbon Accounting and AI
  • Green Digital Marketing
  • Green Digital Infrastructure
  • Green Digital Design

After completing the four modules, you’re invited to apply your green skills in a sustainable project of your choice. (Once you’ve conquered that, here are 7 in-demand green skills you should consider learning.)

Certifications for creatives

Are you into creative jobs? Creativity won’t be the only skill you’ll need to succeed. You’ll also need to learn how to strategically implement your creative ideas and become proficient in specific software tools.

10. UX Toast Figma Certificate

If you work or aspire to work in design and user experience (UX), Figma will definitely be a crucial part of your toolkit. This collaborative software is used for creating, sharing, and testing designs for all types of digital products.

The UX Toast Figma free online course offers a deep dive into Figma’s features and plugins across four lessons. Plus, Figma’s website hosts a vast library of design basics tutorials in case you’re seeking additional information.

11. HubSpot Social Media Marketing

Creating content for social media requires a lot of creativity, but also strategy. If you’re looking for guidance in this area, the HubSpot Social Media Marketing is a free certification online course that can help you. It covers various topics, such as:

  • How to develop better community-building skills
  • How to develop social media storytelling skills
  • Advanced social media marketing and advertising tactics

12. HubSpot Email Marketing Certification

Email marketing is a big deal for many companies’ sales strategy. HubSpot’s certification teaches you how to develop a holistic approach to email marketing campaigns.

It covers everything from the creative part of the job, like copywriting, design, and personalization, to the more strategic side. For example, how to make data-driven decisions and segmentate your audience.

How to list certifications on your resume

Once you’ve earned your certificates, the next step is updating your resume. But what’s the best way to highlight a certification?

“I recommend creating a separate ‘Certifications’ section near the end of the resume after your education. Make sure to list the full name of the certification, the certifying organization and the year completed or anticipated (if still in progress),” Owens suggests. “The key is to make sure your certifications are prominent on your resume without overshadowing your hands-on work experience.”

Here’s an example:


Inbound Marketing Certification

HubSpot Academy, February 2024

Email Marketing Certification

HubSpot Academy

Expected date of completion: May, 2024

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