The Magic of Alumni Networking: Fast-Track Your Job Search with This “Secret”​ Strategy

By: Daniel K. Berman, Ph.D
Master Writer (B2B & B2C) & Editor Can Help You Achieve Your Goals, through More Effective Messaging

A year ago, I published “The Ultimate (5-Step) Job Search Strategy,” describing a simple methodology that …

By Mary Willis
Mary Willis Executive Director
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How to Write Networking Emails That Get Opened

Today, in our hybrid work environment, email is the primary mode of communication when it comes to building networks and making connections. This means delivering an excellent introductory networking email is key for career advancement and growth. So, here’s how to …

By Firsthand
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3 reasons why people are more likely to do a networking call / informational interview with you when you’re a student

As with many of our prior posts, this post’s topic is one that relates to students of all types: high school students, community college students, college students, master’s students, and other types of students!

Today, we’re talking about networking. It …

By Intern From Home
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The Ultimate Guide To Transform Your LinkedIn Profile

Do you have a LinkedIn profile? If you don’t have one, please stop reading and go to create one. 

Without LinkedIn, it can get very difficult to get a job in 2022.

Nowadays, recruiters and hiring managers source for candidates …

By Ivy Exec
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