Negotiating an offer entails more than just a salary offer. Consider factors like signing bonuses, paid time off, and flexible work offers. It is also important to do your market research and understand the value you bring to a prospective employer.


  • Research the salary ranges and cost of living prior to interviewing
  • Consider the whole package (salary + benefits) to determine the value of a job offer
  • Be positive – always thank the recruiter for the offer (even if it is very low)
  • Ask if there is room for negotiation
  • Respect the timeframe that the employer gives you for making a decision
  • Be diplomatic and professional
  • Get the final offer in writing


  • Discuss salary until the employer brings it up
  • Enter into negotiations if you know that you won’t accept any offer
  • Under -value your worth
  • Play “hard ball”
  • Provide negative reasons why you are declining the offer


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