The Power of Awareness: How Daily Reflection Journaling Increases Leadership Effectiveness

By Sean Glaze

As a team leader, your decisions and how you handle weekly challenges that arise unexpectedly have a tremendous impact on the results you will achieve.

Because you are busy, the concept of taking a step back to invest time and focus on reflection and journaling might seem counterintuitive. However, an emerging trend among successful leaders is challenging this notion—daily journaling.

Taking just 10-15 minutes each day to reflect on experiences, decisions, and emotions can have a profound impact on a leader’s effectiveness. In this article, we will explore the value of journaling for team leaders and managers, supported by relevant research-based statistics and three compelling reasons why incorporating this practice into their routine can lead to improved awareness and enhanced leadership performance.


Before delving into the reasons why journaling is beneficial for effective leaders, let’s first examine the evidence supporting this practice. 

Numerous studies have highlighted the positive impact of reflective practices, with one notable example being a study published in the Harvard Business Review. The research revealed that leaders who engaged in daily reflection experienced a 22.8% improvement in performance compared to their non-reflective counterparts.

By Nora Diaz-Vasquez
Nora Diaz-Vasquez Career Counselor