Luster National, Inc. and Fresno State Internship Program

Luster National, Inc: Luster National, Inc. is a minority-owned, small business with a successful 34-year history spanning a broad spectrum of professional services. Our services include strategic planning, program, project, and construction management, stakeholder alignment, public outreach, workforce development, and environmental consulting. Luster has offices and deployed resources in New York, Maryland, Georgia, Louisiana, Texas, and California. Luster has created the Luster National Internship Program (LNIP) to provide field experience and professional development opportunities to undergraduate engineering and construction management college students. The internship program is designed to take advantage of the unique training opportunities presented by the various projects we service for our clients. 

LNIP and CSU Fresno: Luster is proud to highlight two Fresno State student interns, Sergio Medina-Caro and Eduardo Vega. Both interns worked as Field/Office Engineers under Luster management on the CA High-Speed Rail program during the Fall 2023 Semester. Throughout the 10-week program, Sergio and Eduardo were introduced to the many different aspects of engineering and construction. Each was allowed to perform design reviews for actual field construction, quantity estimations, field inspections, and schedule evaluations for delay impacts. They also participated in executive staff and related meetings to enhance their understanding of the various moving parts and pieces of delivering a complex project. Sergio and Eduardo excelled in the program.

2023 Luster Interns, Sergio Medina-Caro (left) and Eduardo Vega (right),
with Luster Intern Supervisor Sheldon Eskelson (center)

Testimonial from Eduardo Vega: This opportunity has played a pivotal role in shaping my career, and since the end of the internship, I have acquired a full-time position on the High-Speed Rail Project. I am certain this is thanks to the internship. It has opened the door to work on an incredible project with talented engineers to learn from. I would be remiss if I did not mention the incredible support I have gotten from the Luster staff. Not only was it a privilege to work alongside such highly skilled and experienced engineers but what set this experience apart was the workplace culture. Every staff member I interacted with was very kind and willing to share knowledge. This not only made coming to work enjoyable but has also instilled confidence in me to strive for more in my career. I am also extremely appreciative of Sheldon Eskelson and Robert Luster who have reached out even after the internship program has ended simply to check in and offer advice. Luster is truly a rare company that strives to do what is right for their employees and I could not recommend this program enough for other engineering students.

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