Spring 2024 Career Fairs – Highest Attended Career Fairs Yet

The Spring 2024 Career Fairs concluded with three days showcasing diverse opportunities for students and employers. Spanning multiple industries, each day catered to specific career paths, highlighting the vast amount of opportunities available to Fresno State’s aspiring professionals. The event welcomed 254 companies and 1,732 students, the highest student attendance rate the career fairs have had yet.

Career fairs serve as valuable platforms for both students and companies. For students, career fairs offer the chance to explore various industries, interact with recruiters, and gain firsthand insights into potential career paths. On the other hand, companies benefit from the opportunity to showcase their brand, connect with eager candidates, and potentially fill roles. Overall, career fairs foster meaningful connections that benefit both students and companies. 

The insights shared by recruiters and students shed light on the significance of confidence, networking, and being open to new opportunities during career fairs. 

Recruiter Sophia Ramirez, who was hired for her current role at Cintas while attending the career fair in fall 2023, emphasized the importance of confidence when approaching employers. She recounted her preparation as a student, stating, “I went to the Career Development Center twice to make sure my resume was perfect,” before attending the fair.

Ramirez learned that it is important to “have confidence with what is in your hand, have confidence when you attend, and you will nail it.”

Recruiter Miguel Serrano from Clark Bros Inc. reiterated Ramirez’s sentiment, describing career fairs as a “great connection point to get a step ahead of other applicants.” This sentiment was reinforced by Kurtiz Allen from Wonderful Citrus, who highlighted the value of engaging with representatives to discover unexpected career paths. He shared, “On the surface, an organization may not look like there is a potential fit, but if you speak to the representatives, you may find there is a career path that fits your interests.”   

Mai Xiong from Sun-Maid emphasized the broader perspective gained from attending career fairs, noting that they can open doors to unforeseen opportunities. Xiong states, “It will open up the door to other things that you were maybe not even aware of, and it might actually be something that you end up really enjoying.” 

Reflecting on their experience at the career fairs, students shared their insights and takeaways. 

Isabella Barrera, an aspiring educator, attended day one of the career fair focused on careers in education. She shared her experience of discovering new school districts and gaining confidence in her future career prospects, stating, “The career fair helped me feel more confident about the jobs waiting for me once I’m graduated and credentialed.” This reflects the impact career fairs can have on students’ confidence and career readiness. 

Similarly, graphic design major Alberto Santos-Dominguez appreciated the chance to network and step out of his comfort zone, remarking, “I learned that my major could be useful in a lot of different industries.” His experience is a great example of the value of stepping outside of one’s comfort zone and seizing opportunities for career development. 

As the Spring 2024 Career Fairs came to an end, it was clear that the event provided valuable opportunities for students to explore, connect, and gain confidence in their career aspirations. Through engaging with recruiters and exploring diverse industries, students were able to expand their horizons and take meaningful steps toward their professional goals. The impact of these career fairs will resonate long after the conclusion of the event, helping to shape the futures of Fresno State’s aspiring professionals. 

By Abigail Phillips
Abigail Phillips