These are the Best Jobs of 2024, According to Indeed

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The world of work has always been subject to change—it’s highly fluid and influenced by a myriad of factors, and certain conditions within the past year have spurred a rapid evolution in some sectors. Within the past year, we’ve witnessed unprecedented technological advancements and economic conditions that have defied expectations, both of which have left their mark on jobs and job seekers. 

Here to guide you toward fulfilling work is our annual list of best jobs. Over the years, Indeed’s mission has expanded from helping people get jobs to connecting people with better work. As the world’s number one job site, we have a wealth of data-driven research that indicates what makes employees happy in a job and what they are looking for in their searches. 

In a recent study conducted with Forrester, Indeed found that job seekers continue to name “fair pay” as the number one factor that will increase their workplace wellbeing, with “flexibility” as a close second. So, Indeed compiled this list by including jobs with a salary minimum of at least $75,000 and with at least 10% of postings that include terms to indicate ‘remote’ or ‘hybrid’ work.

We know that these are not the only factors contributing to workplace wellbeing—in fact, the majority of what makes people happy at work lies with the employer and company culture. But, for the purposes of this list and identifying the best opportunities available to job seekers, we are looking at the opportunities available that can satisfy the factors we know are important to job seekers and can be measured within a job title: salary and flexibility. This, coupled with opportunity growth (% change year over year) and availability (share of job postings), we can identify our selection of the “best” opportunities for job seekers in the US today.  

RankJob titleAverage Annual Salary ($75k minimum)Jobs Per 1M Total Jobs% Change in Job Share, 2020 vs. 2023% Containing Remote & Hybrid Phrases
1mental health technician$77,4481,425118
2loan officer$192,3391,044375
3mental health therapist$76,14086513241
4electrical engineer$102,5907003419
5construction project manager$103,4316623710
6mechanical engineer$96,0915522416
8human resources manager$79,174549513
9senior accountant$82,8115471824
10data engineer$130,135532241
11civil engineer$93,9675244422
12supply chain specialist$86,9765093213
13accounting manager$93,0004901523
17behavioral health professional$85,5064503614
18psychiatric nurse$112,811423812
19quality engineer$83,2274002914
20senior engineer$137,0863901836
21associate attorney$105,9893553229
22real estate analyst$90,030354137
23psychiatric-mental health nurse practitioner$138,87334026119
24tax manager$129,6973105836
25medical director$184,5212981921

This year’s list of top jobs includes a diverse range of industries, including healthcare, construction, engineering and real estate. Some roles may have crossover applications in multiple industries, such as data engineering or certain legal roles.

By Nora Diaz-Vasquez
Nora Diaz-Vasquez Career Counselor