Andrea Lee, an alumna of Fresno State, achieved her MBA in December 2023. Prior to this, she had earned her Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a focus in entrepreneurship. Lee recently seized the opportunity to join Nolan Transportation Group as a Business Development Sales Representative in Austin, Texas. Throughout her academic journey, spanning both her undergraduate and graduate studies, Lee acquired a diverse set of skills and gained valuable professional experience, paving the way for her successful career path.

Can you share a brief overview of your career journey since graduating from Fresno State?

After graduating with my MBA in December 2023, I moved to Austin, Texas to work as a Business Development Sales Representative for Nolan Transportation Group. Nolan Transportation Group is one of the top domestic third party logistics companies in the United States. In my role, I facilitate the acquisition of new business and provide the companies with transportation solutions.

Reflecting on your time at Fresno State, what specific skills or knowledge gained during your studies have been most valuable in your current role?

In my MBA, I learned about management topics ranging from organizational leadership to accounting. The most important skill I gained from this was the ability to be agile and problem solve in a variety of different realms. Now, I feel more confident in facing challenges in my day-to-day at work by using the same skill set I applied in projects and assignments.

Were there any specific internships, or extracurricular activities during your time at Fresno that contributed to your professional growth?

I participated in the Collegiate Entrepreneurship Organization events and also was in the Student Hatchery within the Lyles Center of Innovation and Entrepreneurship. I also was an intern at the Academic Success Coaching office in the Learning Center. These activities were key in helping me pass my interviews and providing mentorship for my professional growth.

Can you highlight a particular experience that helped you gain the necessary skills and knowledge in your field?

My culminating MBA project helped me with gaining the research skills needed to do my current job. In my project, I researched how to start an alternative wellness business by doing market research. Similarly in my current role, I have to quickly do market research on different industries and keep up with trends.

How did the Career Development Center or other services on campus support you in your career development during your time as a student?

Don’t be afraid to try something and fail. I have tried jobs from many different fields with varying tasks. I’ve often been frustrated and had a difficult time navigating my career journey. Yet, I realized that trying new things in my early 20’s is perfectly okay, and actually a great way to find myself. If you try something and absolutely hate it, then at least you can eliminate that from your prospective options. You’ll also find things from these attempts that you love and want to pursue more. You have to try and fail to learn from your mistakes and find yourself.

Is there any additional information or message you would like to share with students?

Feel free to find me on LinkedIn and I’d love to connect and help if I can.

Work Experience
  • Business Development Sales Representative
  • Nolan Transportation Group
Austin, Texas
Management, Accounting, Finance, Marketing & Sales
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