Graduation Year:

Spring 2023

Major(s) & Minor(s):

Business Administration with an Emphasis in Management

What was your experience like attending the Career Fair(s) at Fresno State?

The career fair gave me the opportunity to learn about so many companies and jobs I had never considered before. The personal interaction with potential employers was very beneficial. It was there that I met my current employer and was offered an interview with them on the spot!

What did you do to prepare for the Career Fair(s)?

I prepared resumes to hand out to potential employers, as well as researched what companies would be attending the Career Fair and what positions they were hiring for to have a better idea of who I wanted to meet.

How did the Career Fair(s) contribute to your career success journey post-graduation?

The Career Fair is how I found the position I now have with Cintas. Getting to meet potential employers face to face is a huge advantage when searching for your career. It also is a great networking opportunity!

What advice would you give to students before they attend the Fall 2023 Career Fair(s)?

Dress to impress and be confident! First impressions are huge for potential employers. Also be sure to come prepared with resumes.

Work Experience
  • Management Trainee
  • Cintas
Management, Accounting, Finance, Marketing & Sales
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