How long have you been on campus?

18 years

What does being a Career Champion mean to you?

I believe one of our main purposes as a university is to prepare students’ for their career after graduation. Being a Career Champion puts a direct focus on this idea.

What inspired you to take an active role in promoting the Career Development Center to students?

In my experience, many students wait too long to start looking for career opportunities while in college as they are focused on the here and now. Hence, they look for “jobs” while going to school and not “careers.” The Career Development Center is a great resource for them to accomplish both needs while still in school and certainly after graduation.

What advice would you offer students who are beginning their career success journey?

Don’t wait until you are near the end of your academic career to begin looking for career-based employment opportunities.

How would you tell students to prepare for Career Fairs?

Be prepared ahead of time. Be professional, look professional, act professional. Look at the organization list, choose those you are most interested in and do a little research. Talk to a lot of employers, including ones you may have initially passed over. You never know when a great opportunity may arise.

What advice would you give to other faculty/staff members who would like to play an active role in supporting students’ success journey?

Open your classroom to employers. Students need to be aware of opportunities in order to take advantage. Anyone looking for a new hire is welcome to visit my classes. Also, if possible, have career oriented assignments.

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