Why did you choose to attend Fresno State?
Because of the excellent business program. I knew it would provide me with the resources and knowledge I needed to be successful.

How did you learn about the Career Development Center (CDC) and how did the center support you while attending Fresno State?
I learned about the CDC through the Money Management Center. As soon as I heard about the services the CDC offered I knew I needed to utilize them to help with my transition into my professional career. The center’s Career Counselors, career fairs, professional closet, and other wide array of resources have aided me in landing interviews, strengthening my networking skills, keeping my resume top-notch, and acquiring my dream job!

What advice would you give to students (career, extracurricular involvement, or other)?
Don’t be afraid to network and put yourself out there! Use the university’s resources (especially the CDC’s) because they are there and happy to help. Find your passion.

What is one of your favorite memories while attending Fresno State?
Having creative freedom as the Marketing Intern at the Career Development Center!

Work Experience
Fresno, California
Management, Accounting, Finance, Marketing & Sales
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